Girl On Fire
Girl On Fire
"Remember girl on fire,
I'm still betting on you."

I had to fight like hell, and fighting like hell has made me what I am. I am stubborn, I've built up walls, I pity any idiot who thinks they can stand in my way. I know what I want, how to get it, and use the doubt of others to motivate me even more. I believe success is the greatest revenge. I learned to only rely on myself, anything else leads to disappointment. Nothing in life is easy, but I believe I was given this life because I was strong enough to live it. I know this world owes me nothing and nothing will be handed to me. If I want something, I'm prepared to fight for it. And come hell or high water I will get it. I couldn't care less what others have to say or think about me. A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. I refuse to give up. I'm a fighter, through and through.

Doubt me, then watch me.

I am a medic in the United States Army, fresh out of AIT at JBSA San Antonio/Ft Sam. Houston. I graduated AIT December 19th and I graduated Basic Combat Training at Ft. Sill on August 9th. My first duty station is Ft. Richardson, Alaska. I'm willing to answer any and all questions about the Army.

Sky above me.
Earth below me.
Fire within me.

I post mostly Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, fitness, military, and random things I relate to or find hilarious.

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I’ll never get over how great this joke is.


I’ll never get over how great this joke is.

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okay today i learned that apparently the penis has a say in whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl

female sperm swims slower than male sperm, but the males can’t swim for as long as the females. this means that a long penis will be closer to the egg when releasing the sperm, and there will be a higher chance for the child to be a boy.

so in conclusion

if you have a lot of sons you have a big dick




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